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April 27, 2020 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

BUBS Collagen is NSF for Sport Certified®, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given that our products are used by some of the best professional athletes out there, like the 2018 and also 2019 World Series Champs and former NFL great Nick Hardwick. We’ve been tried and tested and came out squeaky clean for quality, purity, and safety, so the only thing you’ll be popping with BUBS is the tops of fresh tubs of collagen. 

We’re not the only ones that think this is a great fit. Thomas Knox, Assistant Director of Performance, St Louis Cardinals, said “Supporting optimal health and performance of our players and staff is our utmost goal. NSF Certified for Sport allows us to know the supplements we have chosen meet the highest expectations of safety and purity.  We take it a step further by only utilizing products that are of the highest quality and provide real world benefits. BUBS collagen has been a part of our team’s nutrition strategy since they hit the market."

Maureen Stoecklein, RD, is a full time professional firefighter and also the Performance Dietitian for the New York Mets. The Mets go with BUBS Collagen because, “Sustainable, high quality, charitable and NSF certified makes BUBS Natural Collagen a trusted and easy choice for helping athletes and anyone with an active lifestyle maintain healthy tendons and strong joints.”

Being NSF Certified for Sport is a point of pride here at BUBS Naturals. "When consumers see the NSF certification mark on a product, they can be sure that product has been tested and certified according to strict standards for quality, safety, and label claims,” said David Trosin, Managing Director, Health Sciences Certification at NSF International.

There’s no pesky * at the end of any of our product descriptions, and you’ll find us in most of the professional sports teams locker rooms and weight rooms across the country. Since BUBS Collagen doesn’t contain any of the nearly 300 banned substances found in some of the other supplements out there, you can be confident that BUBS collagen will see you through each time.