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August 19, 2020 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

With kids going back to school in one shape or another, a lot of us will soon have time to get back to our own fitness routine. If you’re looking to combat the old “Quarantine 15” you somehow magically acquired these last few months, here are our top five tips for easing back into training again. 

  1. Nutrition:Whether it’s starting to count your macros, or counting calories, or just cleaning up your pantry, pay attention to your nutrition. This might be a great time to try something new, like the Whole30 program.BUBS Naturals collagen is proud to beWhole30 certified, so you can incorporate that into your diet. 
  2. Increase Cardio:Perfect timing! If you’re looking to increase your cardio, we’ve got you covered. Join BUBS Naturals in ourStrava Challenge. It’s easy. Just complete 30 minutes ofStrava supported activities, five of the seven days in a week, and we'll reward you and your good behavior. Then, everyone who completes the challenge will receive a $25 gift from BUBS Naturals and be entered to win some sweet prizes. (Hint: One of them is aConcept2 Model D Rower.) 
  3. Mobility: After a summer of Netflix and Zoom, we might want to maybe consider increasing our mobility just a little bit. Having better mobility helps your body rebound from training, so you don’t have to take two days off for every one day completed. Find a good mobility routine and incorporate it into your daily routine. Mobility is your friend.
  4. Rest and Recovery: While everyone knows how much we at BUBS Naturals loves being highly caffeinated, we also know that realistically we have to also rest. Rest and recovery is just as important as physical and mental training. Make sure your body is getting enough rest and that you’re recovering every day, whether it’s stretching, yoga, getting enough sleep, or taking an actual rest day.
  5. Have Fun: It’s important! Fitness isn’t a punishment. Get out there andtry something new, find a way to get some fresh air, and move your body. Let us know what you’re doing: Text us at 760-263-6788 and tell us how you and your loved ones are getting after it again.