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What is
MCT Oil Powder?

MCT Oil, formally known as medium-chain triglycerides oil, is a clean and fast-acting high-energy source for your body. BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is a purified saturated fatty acid, extracted from sustainably sourced coconuts.





To make it into a powder, the MCT oil is absorbed into high-quality non-GMO tapioca starch, and then spray-dried. BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is an ultralight, free-flowing oil powder that is soluble in both hot or cold liquids and can easily be incorporated into baked goods. In addition to improved portability, MCT Oil Powder is also gentler on the digestive system than MCT Oil, and can easily be combined with BUBS’ Collagen Peptides for a powerful one-two punch.

BUBS MCT Oil Powder is your new favorite non-dairy creamer.

BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder, is a powerful ketogenic oil — meaning that it is scientifically proven to transform into ketones almost as soon as it is consumed, for a clean burst of energy and increased mental clarity.

Clean, Fast-Acting Energy
BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is a perfectly balanced mix of capra fatty acids with 70% C-08 Caprylic Acid and 30% C-10 Capric Acid. Unlike LCT oils, long-chain triglycerides, the C-08 Oil in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder is able to skip the line at the digestive tract and go straight into the liver, where it unleashes its ketogenic powers. The surge of clean, non-jittery energy coupled with increased focus and mental clarity can be felt almost immediately after consuming it.
Increased Mental Focus
Because our brains are incapable of storing fuel, they require a constant supply of energy to maintain peak performance. The ketones from the C-08 in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder are capable of quickly moving past the blood-brain barrier to efficiently feed and fuel your brain. Studies have shown that increased blood ketone levels can help slow down and, in some cases. even reverse memory loss and cognitive impairment. In short, C-08 is not only a perfect snack for your brain, but it may also boost memory and protect cognitive function. Taking BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder feels like upgrading your brain from a Prius to a Tesla.
Helps Curb Appetite and Sugar Cravings
The fats in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder help you feel fuller, longer. Both C-08 and C-10 stimulate the release of two important appetite control hormones into your body, peptide YY, and leptin, which promote a feeling of fullness. And because your body can convert MCT Oil into an instant source of energy — without the blood sugar or insulin spike you would get from sugar — it helps improve your body’s insulin-mediated glucose metabolism and decreases the chances that it will be stored as body fat. BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder can also help curb your sugar cravings — the energy from the ketones is readily available, just like the glucose in sugar — but when you choose MCT Oil over sugar, you get to skip the “sugar crash” and, more importantly, curb your sugar cravings.
Supports Gut Health
The gut’s ecosystem is a complex community of good bacteria and bad bacteria. The good bacteria helps keep things moving and optimizes the absorption of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, while the bad bacteria can cause sugar cravings, food intolerances, a sluggish metabolism, inflammation, sleep disturbances, and a general feeling of yuck. The antibacterial properties of the C-10 Capric Acid in BUBS’ MCT Oil Powder can help combat harmful bacteria and yeast, like candida, in your gut —without the side effects of antibiotics— all while helping the good bacteria thrive. Simply put, C-10 boosts your immune system and keeps your GI tract happy.


Plant Based & Vegan

Gluten Free

Corn Free

BUBS’ commitment to excellence begins long before our product lands on your doorstep. We use only sustainably sourced coconuts in our BUBS MCT Oil Powder.

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