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June 30, 2021 4 min read
By Jessica Danger

No matter where you travel, taking BUBS Naturals collagen protein powder is a daily routine that’s easy to stick to while on vacation.

Taking your collagen while you travel

With summer just around the corner and people more determined than ever to see their vacation plans through (need we mention the catastrophe that was Summer 2020), it wouldn’t surprise us if you decided to pack up your bags weeks before being able to check into your flight. Doubtless, it’s a well deserved vacation you’re scheduled for, hopefully filled with tons of delicious food, uplifting company and Instagram-worthy views. 

And while everyone loves a little escape from reality, sometimes returning back home and jumping back into routine is much harder than expected. Vacation typically means no work, all play, little if any time spent exercising, plenty of time spent eating and drinking - pretty much everything opposite to routine. Some of you might shrug and say, “Yolo,” and we’re not going to argue, but for those who don’t want to do quite a number on their body, we’ve got you covered. 

Some routines, like daily weightlifting, are likely to be very difficult to incorporate into vacation-mode. Other routines, like getting in thedaily recommended dose of collagen, is a cinch whether you’re lazing around the beach house or rising early for a sunrise hike. 

Collagen - your new travel buddy 

Because of collagen’s benefits - including boosted skin preservation, muscle recovery and stomach healing - it’s a must-have no matter what kind of trip you take. Not to mention the fact that it’s easy to pour into virtually any drink, whether you’re grabbing coffee on the go or ordering a smoothie to rejuvenate you after walking the beach. 

But lugging a20 oz. tub of collagen protein powder through the airport en route to your Californian AirBnB sounds like anything but a good time. Not only does it take up precious souvenir space, it’s not even possible to get it through airport security. TSA guidelines do permitprotein powder through security, but the package cannot exceed 12 oz. / 350 mL. 

Challenge accepted.

There are numerous ways to adhere to these guidelines while making sure you pack all the collagen you need for your trip. For example: 

  • Measure out your collagen protein powder ahead of time -To ensure two scoops a day, double the number of days you’ll be traveling and measure that amount of scoops into a small, sealable baggie. As long as it measures out to no more than 12 oz. (approximately the size of a soda can), stow it in your carry-on and you’re good to go!
  • Throw it into your checked luggage -If you’ll be traveling for a significant amount of time and 12 oz. of collagen won’t be enough, you can always resort to packing a larger container of collagen protein in your checked bag (just make sure it’s well sealed so you don’t open your suitcase to a collagen explosion). 
  • Get the travel packs -You could make itreallyeasy on yourself and skip the hassle of measuring out your collagen powder by getting yourself a box ofCollagen Protein Stick Packs. With 20 packets per box, you’ve not only got plenty of collagen to last you for a two week vacay, but the packets are easily stowed in any purse, backpack or fanny pack. So whether you’re hiking mountains, running around a theme park or scoping out the city, these travel-able packets make taking your daily collagen a piece of cake.

Will collagen protein powder last? 

When you leave for vacation, it’s likely you try and eat all the perishable food in your house before departing, because who likes to come home to a refrigerator full of spoiled foods? (The correct answer here is literally no one.)

So will that tub of collagen protein powder in your pantry stay fresh the entire time you’re gone or will it face the same fate as the mixed greens you forgot in the vegetable drawer? 

A key factor to keeping any food item fresh for as long as possible is simply adhering to the proper storing instructions. All ofBUBS Naturals collagen products come in BPA-free, airtight containers. As long as you screw that lid back on nice and tight and keep it stored at room temperature (a pantry or cupboard works just fine), yourcollagen protein powder will last up to five years

The bottom line? So long as you take care to properly store your tub of collagen protein powder, you won’t have to worry about its expiration date for quite some time. 

Collagen here, there and everywhere 

Whether you plan to hit the road this summer, or if a backyard staycation is more your style, be surecollagen protein powder makes your packing list. Not only is it easy to pack (seriously, thosetravel packets can be stashed into any pocket), but it’s a part of your daily routine that is effortless to bring along on vacation. We know traveling is the easiest way to get thrown off routine, but, for the sake of your health, it’s important to not throw it all out the window!