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January 18, 2021 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

When we started BUBS Naturals, we knew we wanted to do a few (a lot) of things differently. You don’t put the word “rabble rousers” in yourmission statement on accident.

With so many “Social Media InFluEnCeRs” out there, it can be easy to be swayed with false promises, photoshopped results, and magic remedies pushed by shiny celebrities. Big brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy products they promote.

WellBUB wasn’t a celebrity, although we found him to be just the right kind of shiny human, and if there was one thing he hated it was bullshit. 

Our Creative Director, Ryan Hayes, feels the same way. He’s never been a follower, always an innovator, and it’s through design that he gets to test those boundaries. He does what he wants, which is why Hayes and BUBS is a perfect match.

“I define ‘influencers’ as someone who exists solely to portray an unachievable physical aesthetic, personality, lifestyle, or ethos,” Ryan said.

“There are many brands and people that I think do a decent job, but at the end of the day, we're human. What that means to me is that of course we're only going to show our best work. If we're controlling our individual slideshow, of course I'm not going to post the photo where I don't look great, or both my kids aren't smiling. And I think in striving to do that, we miss the golden moments that exist there,” Hayes said.

So, he decided to change that.

“I can tell you that headingthe creative side of BUBS, we work hard to make sure what we're showing you is who we are as people. Our company isn't two dudes, it's 12+ people with husbands, wives, kids, and much much more. It's more than what you see on social platforms,” Hayes said. “Like our namesake, we’re an amalgamation of ideas and spirits all trying to Feel Great and Do Good on a daily basis. We'll slip up from time to time, and we invite you to call us out. We do it internally almost daily.”

At BUBS,we are Influenced by No One. We are just trying to feel great and do good. We're not a machine, churning out products that won’t do what they promise to do. We’re a collective  of people, who believe in doing one thing, and doing it well, and on our own terms.