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January 14, 2021 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

Is your kitchen trying to kill you?

No, but really.

Recent studies are now showing how a simple tweak to your dinner routine can have dramatic effects in erasing chronic inflammation while reversing the signs of life-threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s…even while you’re fast asleep!

Many of these “inflammation igniting” foods are probably in your pantry as you read this. No bueno, becauseinflammation can lead to disease and icky ailments that take away from our body’s ability to recover and fight off viruses and illness. If our body is constantly working to combat inflammation - from training, stress, or gut health thanks to quarantine cooking and drinking (anyone had a smoothie lately?)  it takes away energy that can be used towards fighting illness right now. Do you know what happens to be one of the most anti-inflammatory superfoods? Collagen.

And since your gutproduces 90% of your serotonin as well as 70% of your immune system, a healthier gut leads to a healthier immunity, healthier mood regulation, and healthier energy levels. All of these are things we can all use more of these right now.

Thankfully, friend of the brand Dr. Villanueva has used simple lifestyle hacks (from foods to medicine to doing laundry and more) to help people around the world ‘dummy-proof’ their routine to regain their mobility, sharpen their memory, and finally get back their zest for life!  

In fact, right now Dr. Villanueva is hosting an inflammation-fighting masterclass thatwill give you everything you need to know about inflammation, its impact on your health, how to keep it from spreading, what you can do to reduce existing inflammation, and how to keep it away for good!

This100% Free Masterclass just started so you’re just in time to enjoy the first (and one could argue the most important) episode of the series:Discover How Food Can Be Your Best Medicine (Or Slowest Poison).

This episode will reveal how specific foods can be the slowest form of poison OR the greatest form of medicine your body can have...

Which kind of food do you have in your pantry? And, while we’re at it, you got enoughBUBS Collagen in that pantry?