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June 18, 2018 1 min read
By Sean Lake

Respectfully stolen from the Blog...

The story of BUBS itself is rad, if sobering and a reminder of the fleetingness of life. Best friends Sean and Glen grow up together, ski and snowboard together, bum around in their early twenties and eventually figure out their careers. One becomes a pro snowboarder and continues on to help manage athlete marketing, the other joins the military, becomes a SEAL, works for the CIA, and is killed in Benghazi.

That story has been told well before this podcast interview. Bub (Glen Doherty) was always inspired to be the best, whether as a skier, river rat, CrossFitter, or SEAL. He was always on top of the latest dietary trends and routinely would tell his buddy Sean what to take or how to put together a workout.

When Glen was killed in Benghazi, Sean was the executor of Glen's estate. Together with Glen's family, they decided to use the enormous publicity surrounding the tragedy for good, and started the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation to help special operations soldiers make the transition to civilian life.

With a solid endowment, the GDMF was able to help a number of Spec Ops guys making the transition, but the number was limited.

Enter stage 2 of this story, which is where this podcast begins. TJ Ferrara, a natural athlete and incredible marketer, meets up with Sean. The two become friends and start to pal around together. They see an opportunity to combine something Glen was way into (sports nutrition in the form of collagen) with a way to support the GDMF, and BUBS was born.