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August 18, 2020 3 min read
By TJ Ferrara

It’s no secret that time takes its toll on the body. The truth is that wrinkles, sore muscles, and stiff joints affect most people at some point or another in life. Anyone affected by stiff joints or lingering joint pain understands the frustration; all you want to do is find a way to return to your normal productivity.

Here’s the deal: there’s a way to send joint pain packing. You have enough things in your life to worry about, and we want to make sure that joint issues isn’t one of them.

Collagen protein has been called the Fountain of Youth for its undeniable benefits to skin, hair, nails, and joints. There’s a reason why everyone from the World Series Champions, The Washington Nationals, to your neighbors, love the effects that Bubs Naturals collagen protein has on the body.

What is Collagen?

There are 16 different types of collagen, but you’ll mostly find Types I, II and III in the human body. Each type works to help a different part of the body operate smoothly. Collagen itself is a protein, comprised of amino acids that form the building blocks of the body. In other words, the body’s amino acids help it do everything; from energy to digestion to healing to growth, amino acids make it all happen.

For this reason, when the body stops making as much collagen on its own, body systems begin to stop operating correctly. What does this mean realistically? It means you might begin to notice wrinkles, brittle or thin hair, poorer digestive health, and sore joints or arthritis.

Hard Pass? We Thought So, Too.

No one has time for stiff or sore joints. Age is unavoidable, but what is avoidable is the pain that can follow. We decided that we don’t have time for age-induced aches, so we tapped into that fountain of youth for your sake (and ours), in order to give "aging with grace" a whole new meaning.

Collagen Protein for Your Joints

Your joints are used in pretty much every daily activity, from brushing your teeth to typing on the computer, so as soon as your body stops producing as much Type II collagen on its own, joints start stiffening up. Why? Because Type II collagen can be found in cartilage, and cartilage is the tissue which protects your joints. So when that rubbery tissue isn’t being formed by the body on its own, anything from stiff fingers to creaky knees can start appearing.

We don’t know about you, but when we found out that aching joints were in our future, we weren’t too thrilled. We headed straight for our best option for slowing the effects of deterioration on the body. Keeping your joints well-supplied with collagen offers your body the chance to stay younger and healthier for longer.

How Do I Do That?

We’re glad you asked. Supplementing collagen protein is a phenomenally easy and effective way to boost collagen levels in the body, and has even been known to help the body produce collagen better on its own. This is why we created our Collagen Protein Powder. Our protein powder supplies your body with 20 grams of collagen protein and seven amino acids in a single, daily recommended scoop, so you’re guaranteed not only a boost in joint health, but also in skin, hair, nail and digestive health as well.

Additionally, you’ll find glycine amino acids in BUBS Collagen. Glycine amino acids help with synovial fluid production, which keeps joints well-lubricated and protected, providing pain-free mobility and functionality. By taking protein powder every day, you can prevent inflammation and promote optimal joint, tendon and ligament functionality.

Start Now, Thank Yourself Later.

You don’t need to experience pain in your joints before choosing to take collagen protein powder. In fact, it’s always a good idea to get the jump start on these things! (But don’t worry if you haven’t -- our collagen protein powder is meant to help lessen inflammation and boost collagen levels no matter what.)

By taking daily collagen, as well as practicing good exercising habits, you can prevent early stages of joint deterioration, and promote overall good health for your body.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a physical trainer at a gym, or a taxi driver in NYC, BUBS Naturals collagen protein will benefit you. If your diet style is Whole30, Keto, Paleo, dairy or gluten-free, you can add collagen protein to it and be fully confident in only the beneficial effects. Collagen can be taken at any time of the day, so whether you drink morning coffee, an afternoon smoothie, or an evening tea, you can plop a scoop into your beverage for an undeniable health boost! On behalf of your joints, stop reading and find yourself some collagen.