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August 20, 2020 4 min read
By Sean Lake

It’s no secret that we care about our hair. Ask any American action hero: fast cars and perfect hair are pillars of our identity. And the facts back it up: it is estimated that the average American spends almost $90.00 on hair care products each year, with women spending as much as $55,000 over the course of their lifetimes on styling and grooming!

Among the high-ticket beauty buzzwords is a fairly new player on the scene: collagen protein. More and more, beauty brands are finding space on their labels and time in their advertisements to talk about the benefits of natural collagen supplements, as they relate to hair, skin and nail health. However, many beauty brands that feature collagen as an ingredient only do so in small quantities. Enter collagen peptides Bubs Naturals collagen peptides, the game-changing way that more and more people are caring for their hair.

Your hair is susceptible to all kinds of daily damage, from the sun to stress to good old fashioned aging. Then there is what we do to it ourselves--exposing it to chemicals and heat styling. So how can collagen combat all this? Here is what we know about how collagen peptides can support your hair.

Collagen peptides is collagen protein broken down into a size that is bioavailable, or easy for your body to digest and absorb. While your body can break down collagen it consumes, collagen peptides cut that process down so that your body can potentially receive these nutrients faster, leaving you to feel the effects and reap the benefits sooner.

So what about your hair? While collagen peptides get to work providing amino acids to support joint health, gut wellness and great skin, they can also have a particularly luscious side effect: great hair!

Free Radicals and Follicle Health

Free radicals are unstable molecules roaming the body without much purpose. They are usually the result of metabolic processes, but can also come from too much sun exposure, smoking and eating poorly. On one hand, they are not uncommon, but on the other, they can cause damage to the body if not dealt with. And while our bodies are pretty good at dealing with them when we are young, like most bodily processes, this process can slow with age.

Research shows that these free radicals can damage our hair follicles, leading to hair loss, thinning and breakage. One study found that collagen was able to fight four different types of free radicals.


On that note, decreasing the presence of free radicals can also help prevent greying. Grey hair is largely controlled by genetics, but free radicals can accelerate the process as they damage the cells that produce melanin. Melanin is responsible for skin and hair color and tone. As these cells die and melanin production slows, your hair begins to turn grey. So while this may ultimately be unavoidable due to genetics, it can be slowed by preserving your cells, protecting them from free radicals.


Our hair (and nails) are made up of a protein called keratin. Like all proteins, our bodies build keratin from amino acids - in particular, proline. Consuming bioavailable collagen peptides gives your body a boost of most of the amino acids, including proline, needed to build important proteins like keratin. Consuming collagen peptides rich in amino acids gives your body what it needs to build and maintain healthy, strong hair.

Hair Thinning

Many people who incorporate collagen peptides into their diets notice faster, thicker hair growth. If you are concerned about hair thinning, this is big! We experience hair thinning as we age for a number of reasons, but one actually has more to do with our skin than our hair. Hair follicles which support our hair are located in the dermis, the middle layer of our skin. Our dermis is a whopping 70% collagen. As this collagen breaks down with age, the dermis becomes less elastic and less able to support hair roots. Luckily, a regular collagen supplement may help prevent this. One study that looked at over 1000 people found that after 12 weeks, people who took a collagen supplement showed improved collagen production in the dermis. This is great news for skin, but it is also important for hair, as it means the dermis won’t struggle to support hair roots.

Smooth, Shiny Hair

There are many ways to make your hair silky and shiny. Regular brushing increases oil production in the scalp by stimulating glands, leaving hair naturally shiny. There are also products such as oils that can encourage shiny hair by. Another way of encouraging smooth, shiny hair are the amino acids in collagen. When hair experiences less breakage, it appears healthier (because it is!).

We’re not promising super-thick Goldilocks hair here. But collagen protein from Bubs Naturals is proven to benefit your hair, skin and nails in offering seven individual amino acids, helping to supplement your body’s natural collagen production.

Like our skin, hair health starts on the inside with what we eat. And like our skin, our hair can be damaged by outside elements. The best way to repair hair damage is - you guessed it - from the inside. Our bodies make collagen from nutrients found in a balanced diet. However, it is possible that you are not getting enough. That’s why it’s worth integrating collagen protein into even a balanced diet.

So get your hands on even one cup of collagen protein per day, the most abundant structural protein in the human body, to give your hair the boost it needs.