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September 15, 2020 4 min read
By Sean Lake

To outline the science behind why MCT powder does what it does for the body, we’re going to have to agree on one fundamental fact: MCT powder works. If you don’t agree with us, feel free to return to your documentary on fake moon landings. The rest of us are going to learn why you absolutely need to integrate MCT powder into your daily life.

We promise to keep this short, super informative, and only the least bit “sciencey”. You need to know that our MCT oil powder is sourced from 100% virgin coconut oil, composed of medium-chain triglycerides, a healthy, easily digestible fat. Medium-chain triglycerides are shorter than long-chain triglycerides (hence the name), and help promote digestive ease.

Because of the way in which your body digests these fats, you will find that not only are there numerous health benefits associated with taking MCT oil powder, but that these benefits contribute to weight loss, natural energy boosts, increased brain power and a clean gut.

So the answer to the burning question “Why does MCT powder work?” is relatively straightforward -- it works because of the way your body responds to it!

Why Does MCT Powder Help With Weight Loss?

One of MCT’s claims to fame is its reputation for aiding in one’s weight loss journey. We’re not trying to claim that we’ve found the holy grail of weight loss powder, but we’ve got some pretty good reasons for why BUBS Naturals MCT Oil Powder is going to work for you!

First, the fats in MCT oil release two hormones (peptide YY and leptin) known as appetite-control hormones. What does this mean for you? When you pour a packet of MCT oil powder into your morning coffee, the fats will curb your appetite and keep you from craving to the need to snack throughout the morning. You will feel fuller for longer from the MCT. And feeling full means less snacking, which means lower sugar and calorie intake, which can lead to a slimmer waist.

Additionally, your body stores fat to use as an energy source, but because MCT oil is converted into energy immediately upon entering the gut, your body is likely to stop storing fat for this purpose. Additionally, for those on a ketogenic diet, MCT oil will help you remain in ketosis (the fat-burning state) so you can continue to shred those unwanted pounds.

Why Does MCT Powder Increase Energy Levels?

When we heard that MCT oil has been scientifically proven as a clean energy source for the body, we knew we needed to experience this for ourselves. Here’s the short answer: MCT oil is a ketogenic oil that immediately transforms into ketones upon entering the body. How? Well, the medium-chain triglycerides don’t need stomach bile to break down their short-length chains, so they can move right from the gut into the liver where most fats require breakdown in order to be used by the body. Not MCTs, though. They continue on their way straight to the cells to be used as pure energy.

The next time you start drifting off while waiting for all those copies to print, do yourself a solid and mix a packet of MCT oil powder into your beverage of choice. Not only will it help you finish the workday strong, but you’ll find yourself with more energy to power through that checklist waiting for you on the refrigerator at home.

Why Does MCT Powder Improve Brain Power?

70% of BUBS MCT oil powder is composed of the capra fatty acid C-08 Caprylic Acid (the remaining 30% is C-10 Capric Acid). The C-08 contains ketones that are capable of moving past the blood-brain barrier to provide a pure source of instant energy and clarity in the brain.

Here’s what you need to know: MCT oil is good for your brain in all kinds of ways. Because of the impact ketones have on cognitive function and memory retention, current as well as future issues could be lessened or even prevented by taking care of your brain in this way. And the best part? It’s as simple as pouring a single scoop of MCT powder into your beverage.

Why Does MCT Powder Contribute to a Clean Gut?

Science says that MCT powder can do more than just help burn up unwanted fat. MCT oil doubly works in the gut to clean house.

MCT oil contains C-10 Capric Acid, which keeps the good bacteria of your gut working hard and the bad bacteria on the move (out the door). What does this mean for you? Well, bad bacteria can lead to sugar cravings, slow metabolism and inflammation, for example. By using MCT oil to rid your system of these bad-habit causing bacteria, you’re creating a better environment in your gut for the growth of good bacteria to promote optimal eating habits, higher energy levels and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

MCT Powder Doesn’t Just Work - It Excels

You’ll discover countless science-y explanations for why MCT oil works, and we’ve done our best to recount some of those above. However, the bottom line remains: MCT powder is effective because of how your body interacts with the powder. Because of its bacteria-fighting fatty acids, its easily digestible short chains and its quick conversion into ketones, your body is given all the tools it needs to use it and use it well! The next time you’re looking to thank your body or your mind for a day well done, consider BUBS Naturals MCT powder as a quick reward!