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April 27, 2021 4 min read
By Sean Lake

Collagen is often referred to as the glue that holds our bodies together--in fact, the word collagen actually comes from the Greek word for glue!

As we age, our body’s collagen stores and production decreases. While this is normal, it can lead to some unwanted side effects: achy joints, weak tendons and ligaments and brittle hair and nails to name a few. Luckily, there is a way to boost your body’s natural production of collagen: collagen peptides. While your body could use amino acids from any food, collagen peptides are small enough to be highly bioavailable and are an easy way of always knowing you have enough.

We could never just pick one reason why we love collagen, so we will give you ten!

  1. Tones Skin

    As we age, it is normal to see new wrinkles and for skin to sag. Collagen is a popular ingredient in many skin care products, and for good reason: collagen is one of the major proteins that makes up the skin! It is responsible for providing structure to the skin so that it stays plump and elastic. So how does it work? Well, it primarily comes down to moisture. Collagen helps your skin retain moisture so that it is less prone to wrinkles. It also holds up the skin's scaffolding so that skin appears, and feels tight, toned and strong.

  2. Seals the gut and encourages digestive health

    Our digestive health is essential to the health of the rest of the body. One of the most common issues people experience is a leaky gut. A leaky gut occurs when the digestive tract--generally the large intestine--experiences cracks in its lining. These cracks can lead to major issues in not only the gut but the rest of the body. Collagen peptides contain the amino acids needed to rebuild those walls so that the gut lining is smooth and strong.

  3. Contributes to lower inflammation

    One of the many benefits of sealing the gut is that a healthy gut prevents inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation is your body’s response to pathogens via the immune system. When dispatched correctly, inflammation is a good thing, as it fights off disease. However, sometimes inflammation can get out of control, leading to problems in the body such as autoimmune diseases. A healthy gut is believed to reduce inflammation as it keeps large particles from entering the bloodstream.

  4. Protects joints

    Cartilage is one of the main ingredients of your cartilage. Cartilage is a flexible tissue that makes up our ears, noses, and joints. Studies have found that taking collagen peptides every day can reduce joint pain and improve osteoarthritis.

    Research has consistently found that a daily collagen supplement reduces joint pain for both athletes and the elderly. So whether you experience joint pain due to sports and activity or just the wear and tear of everyday life, a collagen peptide supplement could help your body get back to normal.

  5. Strengthens nails

    One secret to healthy, strong nails? Collagen! Beautiful nails start on the inside with a diet rich in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamin C, and vitamin B. BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth Formula contains all these nutrients that support healthy nails and nail growth.

  6. Hair growth

    Many people see their hair grow faster when taking collagen. Collagen also helps collagen appear more shiny and smooth. While many hair care products advertise collagen, the truth is that collagen does not do much for hair when applied externally since your hair actually cannot absorb it. If you want to see the effects of collagen on your hair, check out BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth Formula which blends collagen with biotin and vitamin C so that your hair can grow healthier.

  7. Improves recovery time

    Collagen is popular among athletes for a variety of reasons (joint health, added protein) but another is improved recovery time. When we work out and push ourselves past our normal limit, especially in weight training, our muscles tear. These tiny tears, when healed, help us grow bigger muscles. This healing, recovery, takes time. Fortunately, collagen has been found to reduce recovery time in studies on collagen production.

  8. Helps your body build muscle

    While collagen peptides cannot be considered a complete protein, they do contain many of the necessary amino acids for muscle growth! One frequently cited study found that daily collagen supplementation helped elderly men build back muscle mass. But collagen isn’t just good for aging--collagen contains the amino acids glycine and arginine, which are the precursors to creatinine. Creatine, another popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders, helps your muscles withstand more weight so that you can build bigger muscles!

  9. Collagen supports bone health

    When people talk about connective tissue they typically mention tendons and ligaments and maybe even fascia. What many don't realize is that bones are also considered connective tissue. Bones, like tendons and ligaments, rely on collagen for structure. Studies have found that collagen peptide supplements help bones by reducing bone degradation and increasing bone formation.

  10. Promotes heart health

    Collagen is the ultimate support system in the body, so it's no surprise that collagen is busy supporting the heart as well. Our blood vessels rely on collagen for support and shape. When we age and our collagen stores decrease, the first place we notice this loss is usually in the face due to the appearance of wrinkles. What we might not realize is that a decrease in collagen can affect the vascular system too, leading to weak, fragile arteries. So what can we do? Scientists found that people who took 16 grams of collagen every day for six months had fewer stiff arteries compared to when the study began!

Experience it for yourself!

BUBS Naturals offers a range of collagen peptides that have been naturally sourced and meet the daily recommended required amount of collagen peptides, so you can experience its full benefits. Check out our Collagen Peptides or our Fountain of Youth Formula for healthy hair, skin and nails.