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September 29, 2020 4 min read
By Sean Lake

From Muscle Recovery to Healthy Cells, Methionine is Here to Help. 

Your body is a skyscraper.

Just as a skyscraper is made of up floors, held together by beams, held together by nails, the human body is made up of various systems (nervous, skeletal, etc.), held together by proteins, made up of amino acids.

This information is important only twice in life: passing high school anatomy and understanding how to take care of yourself.

By working from the inside out - and by inside, we mean all the way into the microscopic level of amino acids - you’ll be able to provide your body with supplements and important dietary choices that will keep you performing your best for years and years.

And it’s impossible to provide your body the care it needs without understanding what it needs in the first place. When it comes to workout recovery, accelerating the healing process and returning you to the gym, court, or field faster, it’s time you met a fascinating little amino acid with a lot to contribute: methionine.

The Boring Science Behind the Exciting Benefits of Methionine

Your body can make 11 amino acids all on its own. That’s amazing. Methionine, classified as an essential amino acid, is not one of them. Therefore, you need to source methionine from your daily diet, or from supplemental sources like BUBS Natural Collagen Protein. Methionine is found within the proteins of tissues and organs of your body and works here to keep your cells operating as they should.

But why is it so important to make sure your diet includes methionine? Methionine offers many benefits to your body overall, but they start at the smallest level of proteins. There are certain sulfur-containing molecules in the body working to protect tissue, modify DNA and help with cell functionality. These sulfur-containing molecules have to be constructed from the amino acids which contain sulfur. Of the 20 amino acids in the body, only methionine and cysteine contain sulfur in their structures. So methionine creates these sulfur-containing molecules to help the body with these important cellular-level functions.

Methionine also aids in the process of making new cells, which is important news for any athletes out there. When your muscles experience damage after a rigorous training session, it’s methionine working to return them to premiere performance shape, by replacing the damaged muscle cells with healthy, new ones.

And lastly, methionine stimulates the body to secrete the hormone somatotropin, an important fat-burning hormone, making methionine an important amino acid in one’s weight loss journey.

Where to Find Methionine in the Wild

Since methionine cannot be produced by the body, it’s important to source the proper amount from the foods you eat, so that you can fully receive all of the benefits methionine has to offer you.

Methionine is found in protein. That makes your journey to find methionine simple enough: just find foods with a high protein content, and you’ll likely find this critical amino acid. For example, high methionine percentages are found in eggs (8%) and fish, while lower amounts are contained in meats (chicken and beef with 5%) and dairy items (4%).

In order to include the proper amount of methionine in your diet, adequate amounts of these foods should be consumed. However, certain diets with restrictions on consuming meat or animal products might not account for 100% of the methionine your body needs. Lucky for you, there’s a quick solution to this would-be problem - protein powder.

Methionine By the Scoop

Collagen protein is one of the most abundant proteins found in the body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your system a little boost by adding a scoop or two of BUBS Natural Collagen Protein to your morning coffee. Methionine is contained in collagen protein, so by supplementing your diet with protein powder, you’re also putting into your body the methionine your body can’t produce on its own.

In even better news, our collagen protein powder is safe for nearly every diet - so whether you’re sticking to a keto, Whole30, paleo, gluten, vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free diet, you can confidently include our protein powder in recipes or drinks of choice without fear of interfering with dietary restrictions.

In fact, including collagen powder (and all its accompanying amino acids) in your diet brings with it the benefits of each particular amino acid. One of the benefits of collagen protein is quicker recovery time. This is due in part to methionine working to create new cells to replace damaged ones. Supplementing your existing food consumption habits with collagen protein introduces healthy amino acids into your body to keep you at your healthiest level of operation.

What does that mean for you? It means you’re likely to spend less time in post-workout recovery mode and more time (with more energy) building and maintaining a healthy body.

The next time you hit the gym for an intense session, make sure you’re accompanied by methionine, found easily in BUBS Natural Collagen Protein Powder. Your muscles will thank you in advance.