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December 07, 2020 4 min read
By TJ Ferrara

Where Taste Meets Nutrition:
Outlasting the MCT Powder Competition

Your health is important. It’s so important, in fact, that an entire market is built around the sole goal of keeping you as healthy as possible with natural supplements, beneficial diet options and clean-eating recipes. And while it is nice to know that so many businesses care deeply for you and take your health into consideration when designing their products, only a few go the extra mile to prioritize your health, without delivering products with compromising products, artificial ingredients, etc.

As many of us know, some of the biggest no-no’s on the market today are additives, preservatives, gums, and added sugars. Taste and texture usually determine whether or not a product receives positive reviews, but important nutrition aspects are compromised on the road towards this goal. Finding a product with amazing taste, palatable texture and top quality nutrition? Near impossible....

...which is why we took matters into our own hands. With your health in mind, we ditched the traditional methods of loading products with sugar and instead stuck to Mother Nature’s recipe when crafting our BUBS Naturals MCT Powder. With just a little help from virgin-pressed coconuts and health-minded tapioca starch, we were able to whip up a product that not only tastes delicious, but also heals your body from the inside out.


MCT Powder vs MCT Oil

When scanning the market for an MCT powder, you’re likely to find MCT powders and MCT oils. There’s one important similarity we’re keen to point out between the two: all MCT powders and oils are made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). These operate in your body as a natural energy source, providing you with stamina sans the sugar or caffeine crash. This is true of both MCT oil and MCT powder.

So which is better? What’s the catch?

Have you ever experienced a stomach ache from eating greasy foods? It’s not just you - our stomachs weren’t designed to consume highly processed oils, or loads of oil in general. Even though the MCTs in MCT oils, such as Bulletproof’s MCT oil, are good for you, the high oil content is hard on one’s digestive system.

We took this knowledge as a challenge to overcome, and designed a method of transferring all that MCT Oil goodness into an easily-digestible powder. The BUBS Naturals way of creating MCT powder takes the MCT oil one step further, spray-drying it over tapioca starch to make a perfectly-blended MCT powder. The result is an easily consumed powder that’s gentle on the digestive system.

As if avoiding a stomach ache wasn’t enough, MCT powder can be easily consumed in transit. With travel packs for on-the-go energy and an easily-dissolvable powder (oil doesn’t mix well with water, or any other liquid), you can take your MCT Powder on your morning commute, on the way to a meeting, or right there post-workout in the gym.


MCT Powder vs Coconut Oil

Aside from the fact that coconut oil is straight oil and might have adverse effects on your stomach, taking MCT powder instead of coconut oil provides a variety of different benefits especially important to those on a ketogenic diet.

We virgin-press our naturally sourced coconuts to gain the most concentrated form of MCTs. In BUBS Naturals’s MCT Powder, you’ll find 70% C-08 caprylic acid and 30% C-10 capric acid (the fatty acids responsible for giving MCT powder its benefits). Left alone, coconut oil contains about 7% C-08 and 5% C-10.

Additionally, coconut oil contains lauric acid and LCTs (long-chain triglycerides). Both of these take longer to absorb and digest, so that immediate burst of energy experienced upon consumption of pure MCT powder is lessened or even lost with a higher percentage of LCTs present.

With a rich percentage of C-08 and C-10 and no slow-moving LCTs, BUBS Naturals MCT Powder will not only be absorbed straight into the liver, but its life-giving ketogenic effects will be felt in the body almost immediately.


Why Bubs MCT Powder?

As we mentioned earlier, we’re not about skipping quality. We don’t believe in using acacia starch or cornstarch as the carrier for MCT oil; for the sake of accommodating diets universally and maintaining the naturally pure taste of the coconuts, we’ve opted for tapioca starch. No unneeded calories, no sugar, just simple tapioca.

You don’t have to be following a keto diet to tap into the fantastic powers of MCT powder. In fact, because coconuts and tapioca starch are the only ingredients you’ll find on our nutrition label, our MCT powder fits nicely into gluten, dairy, and soy-free diets, as well as Paleo, Whole30, and Vegan eating styles.

So it’s easier on the stomach, lower in calories, faster-acting, tastes incredible, and can be taken on the go? And it’s good for you? Sounds like you just struck healthy-eating gold. Try BUBS Naturals MCT Powder for yourself and watch as those MCTs transform your entire outlook on healthy living.