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August 11, 2020 3 min read
By Sean Lake

Learn why BUBS is perfect for pregnant moms. And not pregnant moms. And everyone.

If there’s ever a time to think about what you put in your body, it’s during your pregnancy. Sustained nutrition is always essential for your mental and physical health, but while you prepare to deal with a screaming baby during the hours when no human should be awake, your body could use a boost.

While it is always recommended to check with your doctor when starting a new supplement, collagen protein powder is generally considered safe when pregnant. More than that, even a scoop per day can help bolster skin elasticity, help hair growth and relieve joint pain when you might need it most.

The OG in the proteins field

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body, making up about 35% of our body’s protein content. There are a few types of collagen, each with a specific role in building health and strength in the body.

The body doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, our bodies break down proteins from foods with amino acids, using these protein building blocks to create collagen. Collagen is like scaffolding in our bodies. This process slows as we age, one reason why we see our skin wrinkle. Collagen proteins help slow that process.

There it is, the underlying reason why collagen protein is considered safe for consumption during pregnancy: our bodies are already made of it, and produce it naturally from the foods we eat. In fact, studies show that collagen is essential to a healthy pregnancy.

While collagen peptide supplements may be new, collagen isn’t. Collagen has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. Now, as our diets consist of less “nose to tail” products, it is sometimes more difficult to integrate into a regular diet.

Getting the Protein You Need

The daily recommended protein intake for women while pregnant increases dramatically. While normally it is recommended that women consume 0.36 g protein per pound of body weight per day, this increases to 0.5 g during pregnancy. While we’re both in agreement - that’s the world’s most boring fact - the required collagen increase can make for a much smoother pregnancy. For some women, meeting this new collagen requirement is as easy as eating more protein-rich foods. But for others, getting these extra grams of protein can be difficult, whether due to time or simply changes in appetite. BUBS collagen protein is a great way of supplementing the collagen your body is already receiving from your existing diet. 

Hair, skin and nails

A lack of collagen can leave hair and nails brittle, while the decline in collagen production as we age contributes to wrinkles. Changes in hormones during pregnancy can affect hair, skin and nails. While nails grow faster, they may also grow brittle. Skin stretches to accommodate your quickly-growing baby. Since collagen provides structure, a collagen supplement during pregnancy may ease these changes.

Support your joints

Weight gain is normal during pregnancy. This sudden change in weight, especially closer to birth, may put stress on joints. Collagen has been found to strengthen joints and help alleviate joint pain. In studies on athletes, results showed that those who took a collagen supplement experienced less joint pain and stress. If it’s good enough for world-class athletes, it’s good enough for world-class moms.

BUBS is committed to bringing you the best in collagen peptides. Whether you want to ease joint pain or make sure you are sourcing the necessary proteins from your diet, BUBS collagen peptides are a safe, easy way to integrate collagen into your diet, especially during pregnancy. Learn more about how we source our collagen here, and shop our amazing line of collagen proteins including single-serve packets perfect for moms on the go.

A perfect partner for pregnancy and for life

Maybe you’re a pregnant mother, or one anticipating pregnancy later in the year. Maybe you’re a curious father. No matter why you’re reading this, you know the importance of nourishing your body! While they shouldn’t replace a healthy diet, collagen peptides are a great way to give your body an extra boost of what it needs to protect your digestive tract, joints and hair, skin and nails during pregnancy.