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April 01, 2020 1 min read
By Ashleigh Philbrook


Alright all you cool cats and kittens, buckle up for our latest product: Tiger King Collagen. We’ve been hard at work here at BUBS, sourcing the finest collagen from only the purest, hydrolyzed, grass-fed and Oklahoma raised Panthera Tigris. At BUBS, ingredients are everything, which is why we never source our protein from dumpsters, and it’s never expired.

Want flowing blonde locks? A harem of followers? A gaggle of lovers? Workers that work all day long, including holidays, for free? Tired of a troublesome husband? With Tiger King Collagen, sourced only from tiger hides from the great US of A, you’re guaranteed to become a king amongst your own kind. Tiger King Collagen is not FDA registered, irresponsibly approved, and banned in all 50 states. But, our private, independently funded, internal studies show that using Tiger King Collagen can help you unlock your potential and wealth by following just a few specific steps. Feel great. Do good. Be a King.