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February 18, 2021 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

2020 was a lot of things: chaotic, stressful, informative, sometimes scary. But it was also a great opportunity for BUBS Naturals to further exemplify the motto we live by:Feel great. Do Good.

We released a few new products in 2020. Back in April, we released ourTiger King Collagen to much fanfare. We also recognized the great need to have fresh skin and flowing locks like Tiger King himself, and so we released the Fountain of Youth Formula.  

You can find the Fountain of Youth and the rest of our products in stores all across the country now too, thanks to our spread in Clark’s Nutrition, Green Market Natural Foods, Drug Emporium, Harvest Market, Tiger Farms Market (there is a theme to 2020!), and Seaside Market in our own town of Encinitas, CA where the sun is always shining, regardless of whatever else is going on that year.

We spent time chatting onInstagram Lives with SO.MANY.FRIENDS. Friends that are doing really cool things, people like:

Kevin Ogar
Matt Chan
Mike Ritland
Amy Van Dyken
Brandon Lily 
Prime Hall
Selema Masekela
Brad Jensen
Kari Pearce
Danny Way
Ben Pakulski and so many more.

While those things help us feel great, it’s also really important to us here at BUBS that we do good, too. So that’s just what we did.

Throughout the year we supported several of our favorite organizations. Through promos, sales, and support from you all, we were able to donate the following:  

$2000.00 to the Light Foundation

$1590.00 to the Keala Foundation

$10,143.28 to the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation 

$4270.94 to Protect our Winters 

We sent product to support the mission of organizations like Ruck For Veterans, Race to End Racism, Treehouse Recovery, and the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. (Delicious AND helpful! That’s a win in our book.)

So while yes, we are just as stoked to see 2020 out the door as everyone else, we are also proud of the work we accomplished this year. You should be too. Cheers to 2021.