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May 20, 2020 4 min read
By Jessica Danger

We don’t know about you all, but we’re still homeschooling all the kids here in sunny southern California. (What the heck is this common core math? I don’t get it.) So in the spirit of learning new things, and refreshing our memory on other things, here are eight things you should know aboutBUBS Collagen

There may or may not be a test at the end of this article. 

1. What does collagen do? 

Collagen does a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Collagen is themost abundant structural protein in the human body, making up over a third of the body’s protein content. It’s kind of like the glue that holds your body together. So it’s only natural that adding BUBS collagen to your already awesome diet promotes health, vitality and improves recovery and healing from the inside out. Collagen also encourages digestive health, protects your GI tract, and supports skin, hair and nail growth.

Oh but wait. There’s more. BUBS Collagen also boosts your immune system and your joint health. 

2. Who should take collagen? 

Just about anyone can benefit from taking collagen.Our bodies naturallystop producing collagen in our twenties.BUBS collagen includes proline and lysine, two amino acids known to aid in athletic recovery. Because our bodies are incapable of producing essential amino acids like lysine on their own, supplementing with BUBS collagen can aid the athletic performance of athletes like NFL star Nick Hardwick.But there's no need to wait until your twenties. Collagen is a great addition to anyone’s supplement routine, evenyour four-year-old who will only eat mac and cheese, but only out of the blue box, at precisely 68 degrees, stirred exactly 17 times, and served on his favorite blue plate. 

And BUBS collagen is Keto approved, Paleo approved,W30 Approved, dairy-free, and gluten-free so pretty much literally everyone can enjoy it. And for you professional athletes out there, like the St. Louis Cardinals or the New York Mets, who both proudly stock their locker rooms with BUBS, we’re alsoNSF Certified Safe For Sport.

3. Does collagen help your joints?

That’s gonna be a firm yes. Collagen and your joints will be BFFsCollagen literally helps keep your bones in place and helps you move without joint pain. It helps your joints move more smoothly, removing all those creaks and sticky points. Collagen also reduces pain often associated with aging andreduces the risk of joint deterioration. The glycine amino acid in BUBS Collagen Peptides boosts synovial fluid production, (that’s a real fancy word for the fluid that lubricates your joints from wear-and-tear) helping increase joint mobility and functionality, and reducing inflammation and joint pain. 

4. Does collagen help your gut health?

Collagen will help your gut be healthier and happier. Your liver works really hard at detoxing and filtering blood from the digestive tract, helping reduce inflammation in the body. Known as the “workhorse of the digestive system,” the liver relies on amino acids, like the ones in BUBS collagen to perform the hundreds of tasks that help the body stay healthy. One of the amino acids that BUBSpacks a healthy dose of is the amino acidGlutamine, which helps heal and seal the intestinal lining and protect your skin from rashes, acne, eczema, and other leaky gut related skin issues. 

5. Can collagen help your skin and hair? 

Collagen helps your skin, nails, and even those already luscious locks.Glycine and proline, two of the main amino acids in BUBS collagen, hydrate and strengthen your skin and they help restore elasticity. Supplementing with BUBS collagen can visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while also boosting hair and nail growth. 

6. When should you take collagen?

You name the time and place, BUBS is there. While most people choose to add it to their morning coffee, you can get the full benefits of BUBS collagen no matter what time you choose to take your full dose. So whether you take it in the morning with your coffee, at brunch in aBloody Mary, or at night in a smoothie, the important thing is that you take it on a daily basis, not only to supplement but also help boost your body’s own production of collagen.

Therecommended daily dosage of collagen varies from 10 to 20 grams, and a pre-clinical study shows that you need as little as 1 to 3 daily grams of BUBS collagen to support joint health.

7. Can you cook with collagen? 

You can cook with it! To quote Sara Jester, of Barbell Kitchen, “I put that shit in everything.” BUBS collagen is unflavored, highly soluble, and heat-stable so how you incorporate it into your daily routine is completely up to you. While most people prefer to add it to their morning coffee, BUBS collagen is a great way to boost the nutritional value ofdrinks, baked goods and desserts, or even tosoups, pasta dishes, or pork chops.

8. You’re going to want some. 

We got you. You can buy fromour website, where we always give back to charity. Or you cansubscribe and save on Amazon and literally never run out. 

And, as promised, a pop quiz. True or False: BUBS just dropped asweet new line ofdrawstring bags.