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July 28, 2021 4 min read
By Sean Lake

Incorporating Collagen and HA Into Your Daily Routine

The beauty world is always littered with new trends, techniques and ingredients claiming to rejuvenate your skin, help you look ten years younger, or make you appear like you got a full nine hours of sleep. So when these new beauty hacks pop up, you have to wonder – do they actually do what they claim? Are they as effective as everyone says?

Your skin and the way the product interacts with your skin contributes a lot to whether or not a product does what it says. Two of these break-the-internet products that we know and love, however, are generally safe for every skin type and have proven results showing youthful, bouncy skin, among others.

We are, of course, talking about collagen protein and its counterpart in contributing to that envied dewy glow – hyaluronic acid.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid can claim to be safe for all skin types because it’s already found in your skin.

That’s right. Just like collagen, a naturally occurring protein in the body, hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally produced sugar found in the eyes, joints, and skin. It’s main purpose? Retaining water to keep these areas moist and well lubricated. However, it also plays a crucial role in wound healing by lessening inflammation and assisting with tissue repair.

And again, just like collagen, the moisture produced by hyaluronic acid decreases in the body as we age, meaning less water retention and drier skin that can lead to sagging and wrinkles.

So what’s to be done?

The good news about HA is that we don’t just have to sit by and wave as it falls out of production. No, we’re definitely not here for that – on the contrary, we want to know the best way to keep hyaluronic acid functioning in the body for as long as possible.

How to use hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is available for use in multiple forms. Some people make dermatologist appointments to get it injected straight into the skin; others prefer the less invasive methods of topically applying serums or taking it as a supplement.

The best way to take it is really up to you and your skin goals, but regardless of how you use it, the benefits of supplementing with HA are unbeatable:

  • Retains hydration: That plump, dewy look? It’s due in part to HA’s abilities to retain water in cells, locking in moisture for an overall hydrated appearance and feel.
  • Youthful skin: Skin moisture decreases with age, so supplementing 120-240mg of hyaluronic acid a day, or using an HA serum morning and evening, can help retain this moisture, combat wrinkles from dry, rough skin, and keep the skin and face looking overall more youthful and smooth.
  • Safe to use: Hyaluronic acid is non-irritating for nearly every skin type, so as long as you are cautious when introducing it into your routine (just to be safe), you’ll be able to reap HA’s benefits in no time.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen

It’s no wonder the skin shows signs of aging after a while – both hyaluronic acid and collagen are found in the body in lower amounts as we grow older, meaning the body’s top methods of keeping it’s joints supple and agile and keeping the skin luminous and plump are no longer operating at full capacity. The result is creaky joints and wrinkled, sagging skin.

That is, if we don’t do anything about it and let the body run its course on it’s own. However, we at BUBS prefer to die young as late as possible, so keeping the body functioning at full capacity is what we’re all about.

Just because the body begins decreasing collagen and hyaluronic production as time goes on doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done. Supplementing these two nutrients is a great way of easily incorporating them into your daily routines.

BUBS Naturals collagen protein powder was designed to be effortlessly added into your daily beverage of choice – coffee, tea, OJ, a smoothie, even plain ol’ water – so you don’t even have to stop and think about what you’re doing. By adding 2 scoops of collagen into your diet once a day, the collagen will work to enhance hair, skin and nails, lubricate joints, promote good digestive health, and improve muscle recovery.

Hyaluronic acid, when orally supplemented in addition to collagen protein, provides a double whammy to enhanced skin and lubricated joints. When applied topically, it locks in that extra hydration provided by collagen protein, thereby giving you the best chance at healthy, glowing skin.

Healthy skin is in your grasp

They say two is better than one, and in regards to collagen and hyaluronic acid, we have to agree. While collagen packs a knock-out punch on its own, and hyaluronic acid’s benefits are top-notch, it can’t be denied that when used in tandem, the body gains super-level hydration. As the summer months approach and the heat threatens to strip the skin of all it’s moisture, consider incorporating hyaluronic acid and collagen protein powder into your daily routine.

And, for an even greater boost in overall health and wellness, try out the Fountain of Youth Formula, packed with nutrients like maqui berry, biotin, and 1000mg of vitamin C. Your body will thank you!