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July 15, 2020 2 min read
By Jessica Danger

The other day I was in the gym with a handful of other coaches and athletes. We had met earlier in the day to complete the Hero WOD, Glen, before the day’s classes started to roll in. I was still drinking my coffee, and someone asked me what was in it. When I told him it was MCT oil powder and collagen, he made a face. I laughed, and then another athlete said, without even missing a beat, “Bro, you’re missing out. You don’t even KNOW.”

You can’t beat teachable moments like that.

And on that note, here are some ways you too can discover the delicious wonder that is MCT oil powder. 

Whip it into your coffee. 

If you follow theBUBS Naturals Instagram, you wake up every morning to a fresh feed of joe topped with collagen and MCT oil powder. People everywhere start their day with our productswhipped into their coffee, and for good reason. We already know that coffee can jump start your day, butMCT oil powderis like stomping on the gas pedal. It can help boost your energy levels, pump you up for a workout, andhelp curb your appetite. Also, if you are the dairy-free sort of person (my people) you should know that blending MCT oil into your coffee makes a wicked creamer substitute. 

Blend it into a smoothie.

My kids love smoothies. But I always make them myself, so I can fill them up with kale, avocado, flax or whatever i’ve got in the house. Then I top it off withBUBS collagen andBUBS MCT oil powder, otherwise their smoothies would be milkshakes. Adding MCT oil powder helps them feel fuller longer, supports their metabolism, and gives them the energy they (absolutely do not) need in the morning. If your goal is to use MCT oil powder to support a ketogenic diet, you can mix in your MCT oil powder into your protein smoothies to help with some of the side effects often associated with the keto diet.

Add it to your pre-workout.

Prior to a workout, addingMCT oil to your pre-workout program can give you a surgeof clean, non-jittery energy coupled with increased focus and mental clarity can be felt almost immediately after consuming it. And because your body can convert MCT oil powder into an instant source of energy, it decreases the chances that it will be stored as body fat. BUBS MCT oil powder can also help curb your sugar cravings — the energy from the ketones is readily available, just like the glucose in sugar — but when you choose MCT oil over sugar, you get to skip the “sugar crash” and, more importantly, curb your sugar cravings.

So now you know. Another teachable moment. And next time it comes up in conversation, you can be the know-it-all that says, “Bro. You don’t even know.”