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August 10, 2021 4 min read
By TJ Ferrara

Collagen will keep you young as you grow old

As we get older, our bodies start to display internal and external signs of age. Joints grow stiff and achy; bones become weak and brittle; skin loses elasticity and firmness, resulting in sagging and wrinkles; the digestive system ceases to operate the way it used to, resulting in an unhealthy GI tract.

Believe it or not, all of these problems are due in part to the lack of collagen in the body. Collagen protein makes up about one-third of the natural proteins in the human body, but around the age of 25 or 30, collagen production begins to decrease every year. This means the collagen responsible for youthful-looking skin, smooth joints, and strong bones begins to deteriorate, leaving us with these stereotypical signs of aging.

But just because our bodies stop naturally producing collagen doesn’t mean it can’t still benefit from collagen. This is why collagen protein supplements are so important. No one can stay 25 forever, but with collagen protein, it’s easier than ever to keep your body as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

Introducing collagen into your lifestyle

Maybe you’ve been on the collagen bandwagon for a while now, or maybe you’re relatively new to the game. Whether you’re getting really creative with collagen recipes or like to keep it nice and simple in your morning coffee, it’s important to have collagen in your daily routine.

Collagen can begin making a difference in your skin and overall health with as little as 2.5g per day, but as there’s no such thing as a collagen overdose, you can rest assured in the daily recommended two scoops of BUBS Naturals Collagen to cover all those youthful bases. Simply stir the powder into your selected warm or room-temp beverage and voila – the benefits are yours to reap!

You can also take steps to also incorporate collagen into your diet with collagen-rich foods. Every day ingredients like bone broth, chicken, fish, and eggs contain collagen, further boosting collagen in the body.

Benefits of collagen for aging bodies

The term anti-aging makes it sound like aging is a bad thing – it’s not! Aging is a natural part of life and something that happens to everyone. There’s a lot of richness that comes with aging, like many wonderful experiences and memories and pieces of wisdom to be passed onto the next generation. But just because one’s body begins to age doesn’t mean that that individual should be doomed to the ailments associated with aging. This is where collagen plays an important role.

1. Skin

The most general sign of aging is the appearance of your skin. Youthful skin is classified as plump and glowy, happily hydrated, and smooth. Aging skin shows signs of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. Glycine and proline, two of the main amino acids in BUBS Collagen, are capable of hydrating and strengthening skin, thereby reintroducing that ever-popular “glow.”

2. Joints

Joints are lubricated by synovial fluid and protected by cartilage, both of which slowly decrease as collagen decreases. When left unprotected by cartilage, joints become more susceptible to irritation and inflammation, and the decrease in synovial fluid negatively impacts mobility. The glycine amino acid helps boost this synovial fluid production to improve flexibility and reduce pain, in addition to the collagen boost which works to build up and sustain the protective cartilage around the joints. This allows for more movement with less pain.

3. Muscles

When accompanied with exercise, collagen can actually increase muscle mass, thereby strengthening the body overall. Proline and lysine, two additional amino acids in collagen, are known to help reduce body fat and strengthen tendons and ligaments, as well as help build muscle mass. Even if you’re not putting your body through vigorous exercise, taking daily collagen in addition to a daily 30-minute walk can definitely increase stamina and overall strength in the body. You’ll be able to walk longer without feeling so exhausted or sore afterward.

4. Bones

Because our bones are made primarily of collagen, bone strength and bone mass decrease as collagen decreases. This can lead to overall weakening of the skeletal system, putting the bones at risk of breaks and fractures. By supplementing with collagen, however, a healthy bone mass can be maintained and the integrity of the skeletal system strengthened. So when accidents do happen, your bones can withstand the pressure and/or heal faster.

5. Digestion

Gastrointestinal problems can flare up when the body starts to age, sometimes referred to as a leaky gut. When the intestinal lining is weakened, toxins can leak into the bloodstream, making you feel sick or just blah. Glutamine, another powerful amino acid in collagen, works to repair and seal the lining of the GI tract, keeping everything in its place and allowing for better nutrient absorption. This can help with other functions like metabolism, immunity, and energy levels since your body isn’t focused on fighting toxins that have leaked from the gut.

6. Inflammation

Inflammation is the source of so many various problems in the body. Sore muscles and joints, skin discoloration, pain – most of the time it can be traced back to some type of inflammation in the body. However, collagen works to decrease inflammation, both for external wounds and internal problem areas, leading to less pain and more rapid healing.

Collagen – aging’s best friend

No one can stop aging. But we like to think that collagen can make those glory years more about focusing on the enjoyable things in life – like grandkids, a beachfront retirement home, tons of free time – and less about trying to keep up with treating various ailments. By implementing BUBS Naturals Collagen Protein supplement into your daily routine, you can keep kickin’, keep doing all the things you love to do, uninhibited by the effects of aging.